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Transforming your organisation through attracting, building and retaining the ’FutureFit’.

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We partner with the best-in-class
high-performance experts. Welcome
to the High-Performance Academy.

We know nothing is permanent, except change.


Our High-Performance Academy (HPA) taps into the deep continuous knowledge of independent specialists – from business, neuroscience and psychology – to open a world of ‘always-on’ experiential learning for you.



Experience the expert edge

Carefully chosen for their remarkable passion, acumen and training results, our HPA experts have the techniques to unlock new depths of potential, time and time again.


Using their career-defining research to mould your high-performance training and programs, we give your leaders the tools to create sustained transformative change.



Scientific knowledge, applied for you

Every high-performance strategy is unique. We take three steps to discover yours:



We combine the data-driven expertise of the Academy with our FutureFit methodology to assess your team’s specific learning capacity and agility. With this as our marker, we establish new goals.


We design your programs around real business context – including your vision, mission, culture, challenges and opportunities – to align your employee development plans with big-picture growth.


We unlock the individual potential in your organisation while shaping and driving the larger behavioural shift you want.



In short, equipped with the expertise of our High-Performance Academy, we build your capability for 'future fit' leadership – a capability that embraces disruption, diversity, change and innovation as standard.


1. assess

2. design

3. deliver

Understand new depths of high performance … then get ready for change.



Companies who strive to build a sustainable, high-performance culture

Start something new.



We partner with visionary companies to identify and nurture high-performance leaders who drive transformational change, today and into the future.

We are on a mission to change the way companies think about human capital. When we work with clients to deliver an end-to-end people and organisational strategy, we connect the human purpose to the business strategy which carries unlimited growth opportunities. Our sister companies – the ladder and High-Performance Academy – are two-sides of the same coin who work together to achieve this purpose.


We have made the world of human high performance our home. Insight and potential are its currency – and that’s what makes it so important to the companies we work with.


Whether you’re an organisation or a high-achieving individual, we operate as your professional ‘significant other’ – transcending briefs and navigating disruption to get to the human heart of your challenges. Through all of this, we build and nurture sustainable competitive advantage.


In short, we help you evolve what it means to be “future fit”. Then we distil that knowledge – gathered from scientific research into leadership, neuroscience and psychology – into our suite of developmental programs.


Since our launch in 2005, we have helped over 200 clients unlock their most important asset: their people with high-performance potential.



How do we do it?

We consult. We help you establish the optimum values and culture to attract high-performing individuals, and then we build on it.


We integrate our FutureFit methodology with your existing hiring practices, so our consultants can engage, filter and mobilise our community of talent, fast.


We develop bespoke high-performance programs to align with your company strategy, helping you to execute lasting behavioural change.


As part of our unique on-boarding process, we work far beyond the initial placement to address key high-performance areas to equip your workforce to compete and succeed over the decades.


Through our High-Performance Academy, we access up-to-date expert knowledge so we can evolve our programs, assessment tools, research and networks, always.



We put our minds to work

For companies who strive to build a sustainable, high-performance culture.

With individuals who strive to be a high performer in their domain of choice.


we retain

we learn

we build

we attract

Learn about our proven process for transformational change.



Join us, engage with us, we look forward to hearing from you.



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